A Mediocre Life?

mediocre1-300x222One day, a good friend and I were discussing reaching the potential G-d has for us. And she asked me, “Have you ever told G-d, ‘Yeah, I’m good; I’ll settle for a mediocre life; I don’t want to reach my full potential’?” And at the time I said, “I am sure I have; maybe not in so many words, but yeah.”

The very next day, as I was anticipating a game of hide and seek with the lice hanging out on my kids’ heads, I found myself telling G-d, “Can you please just take away the lice now? I think I have learned enough through this experience, there can’t be much more You can teach me through this.”

Isn’t that just another way of saying, “I’ll settle for a mediocre life; I don’t want to reach my full potential”?

It’s sometimes hard when we are in the midst of trials to see that G-d has a purpose and a plan, a reason to the seeming madness, but He does. He is trying to teach us something really important, and we are in the midst of a lesson. If we are conscious of this, we will give Him our undividedĀ attention to His movements and His words, and we’ll learn the lesson and pass the test. If not, we’ll continue to go through the same trial, or go through another similar trial with the same desired goal in mind.

If we are truly surrendered to our Beloved, we may feel like settling for mediocre, but we never actually will be happy until we live up to the potential He sees in us.