A Thread Runs Through It

My whole life has been one prompting after another to my heart’s calling back to the ancient paths of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

When I was really little, as soon as I could read in my hymnal I learned how to sing this song.

This was from the first cassette tape that was completely “mine”. I loved this song. And looking back I can see now how it has affected my view of G-d in a good way. This song is based on Isaiah 55:8-9

When I was a pre-teen I was exposed to the song “Pride” by U2 and thus began my “love affair” with the band to this very day. The song below is one of my many favorites.

Fast forward to 2010, a marriage and two children later, the desire to return to a more Hebraic faith had ignited within me, and I no longer wanted to squelch it, so I found a Messianic congregation and this is the one song that really touched my spirit as everyone sang that morning.

Today, my relationship with Hashem has blossomed and is growing day by day. There are songs that every now and then I get the feeling are “echoes of my Beloved”; this is one.

Music is a gateway to my past, keeps me company in the present, gives me hope for the future, and ties them all together.