Be Careful With Me

Be careful with me…
Don’t tell me that you don’t do this or that,
Tell me why you do the things you do.
Don’t condemn me in the spaces between your words;
Tell me what motivates you–your words and deeds–
With all the beauty and the meaning attached.
Don’t tell me that I am wrong;
Tell me that you love me,
Regardless of whether we agree.
Embrace me with complete abandon,
For I am poor, blind, deaf, dumb and lame,
But I am a child of G-d just like you.
Don’t tell me that I’m a lost cause,
Take me by the hand and lead me
To the One who can heal me,
And give me life abundantly.
His yoke is easy, and His burden light.
And He longs for His children to come home.
So be careful with me…

© 2014, Sarah S. Walters