Before Dawn

The sun sets,
And darkness descends
The beasts begin to roam.
They form a band,
Going from town to town,
Searching for their prey,
And devouring the flesh
Of lesser men.

Where does hope live?
Where can safety be found?
All seems lost–
Just out of reach.
No words bring comfort,
Compassion wanes,
Terror reigns
In the world of men.

Souls wrapped in skin,
Souls of fire light;
Candles in the wind,
Beacons for their brethren–
Hope lives in them.
Safety is found in the One
Who said, “Look up,
Your Redemption draws nigh.”

Stars shine brightly;
In the clear night sky,
The full moon ascends.
No earthly realm will bring peace.
Look up, for Our Hope
Descends from the heavens.
Safety comes riding
On the clouds of the Dawn.

© 2014, Sarah S. Walters