Behind the Veil

Can you see behind the veil
Of your present reality?
Are you able to perceive
The freedom in boundaries?
The calm in the storm?
The sweet in the bitter?
The peace in war?
The virtue in the whore?
The truth in a lie?
The beauty in the ugly?
The sanity in madness?
The healing in sickness?
The holy in the profane?
The pleasure in the pain?
The righteous in the unjust?
The value in dust?
The joy in sorrow?
The hope in tomorrow?
The love in hate?
The agreement in debate?
The wisdom of a fool?
The plans of G-d
In the schemes of the devil?
Can you extract Light
From the Darkness?
Bring order out of chaos
Or redemption out of exile?
How will you ever learn,
If you have nothing to discern?
Can you see behind the veil,
As you should,
To the One Who Bestows
Every thing for your good?