I LOVE this song. I hope you will, too. 🙂


This cold cry for inspiration is constant
to get a glimpse of your glory for a moment
to be grateful, and to be faithful

we will do then we will listen
we will commit before we reason
in this fertile field where faith is nourished
where sons of believers flourish

believers, sons of believers
brothers and sisters
and who do we lean, our father in heaven
our strength and our reason

to believe is to sow, the seeds to grow
within your soul, within the world you know
and whose world is it
from nothingness you come for a visit
the most complete and most perfect form of existence
no room for resistance


I don’t feel you all the time
and you’re not always on my mind
but I’ve got you from time to time
and I know the Divine, yes i know the Divine
it all began at mount Sinai


My emunah  planted inherently
so shepherd me, have faith in me and see what i can be