Dark Characters

Three dark characters,
Walking in the dead of night,
Working the graveyard shift–
Vampires and werewolves
And zombies, oh my–
Darkness is their delight.

Vampires are ambitious,
Climbing the social ladder,
Sucking their victim’s dry,
Stepping on their corpses
As they climb high and higher.
Craving immortality,
They collect wealth and fame
In hopes of making a name.
Neon lights,
Political slogans,
Tall high rises,
And other such monuments
Are their final aim.

Werewolves have no such ambition;
They just want to eat.
They seek to fulfill
Their every appetite.
Never satiated,
Always looking for the next thrill.
Another pill, another drink,
All kinds of sexual pleasure,
The all-you-can-eat buffet–
Nothing is off limits,
So get out of their way.

Zombies also lack ambition;
They walk around in a daze.
Mindless beings–
They love to feast on brains.
Under the control of others,
They do only what they’re told.
Video games,
They escape reality
At every opportunity,
Numbing themselves,
Dulling the pain.

Do you recognize these dark men?
For surely they exist.
They dwell among us,
Tantalize us,
And want us to be like them.
But what fellowship
has light with darkness?

Don’t flirt with these “bad boys”;
They cannot be reformed.
Rather, let your light shine
Brighter than the noonday sun.

Then those in the empty void
Will be drawn to your light,
And the glory of the Day
Will appear at the new dawn.

~Inspired by Ephesians 5:6-16