Essential Oils: Counting the Cost

So, I made my final DoTERRA order today. Why? you may ask. Well, that is what I would like to discuss in this post today.

When I began my research over 2 years ago on essential oils, I ran across this blog HERE. I won’t rehash everything, but the bottom line was that she chose Rocky Mountain Oils (formerly Native American Nutritionals, a.k.a. NAN) over all the other popular EO companies. My first online purchase was actually from NAN because of her review.

So how did I end up with doTERRA?

Well, as with many things for me, it was through a friend. She was wanting to do doTERRA as a business to help earn money to supplement her family’s income, and that seems to me to be a worthy thing. She told me about the Family Physician Kit. It contains 10 oils, and really for me at the time was a no brainer, especially when I found out enrollment was free and I could order more oils at wholesale prices.

What I like about doTERRA (pros)

I really like doTERRA as a company. Their customer service representatives are super friendly and shipping is quite fast. The oils themselves are high quality and work just as they claim. If you are looking to build a business, this is a great way to make a paycheck, if you’re motivated to put forth the time and effort.

What I don’t like about doTERRA (cons)

In the beginning it didn’t bother me, but as the year progressed, I found that it annoyed me that they had a flat shipping price (shown below). They do offer rewards points on the shipping cost, but that just ensures that you’ll come back again to spend more on oil and pay for another flat shipping fee. Young Living also has a flat shipping price and rewards program, as I discovered. I suppose this is part of being an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. Another thing that I wasn’t too thrilled about is that because doTERRA is a relatively new company they don’t offer very many single oils, so if you are looking for something like Neroli, you’d have to order it through another company.

So what changed my mind?

Talking to my older sister on the phone the other day, she mentioned that she’d decided to go with NAN. She mentioned the differences in pricing for frankincense, and it got me looking into my reasons for using doTERRA. I asked myself, Why am I using doTERRA again? In the beginning, I had thought about doing doTERRA as a business, but I have never been a huge fan of selling; I hate putting people in the position of feeling like they need to buy something from me. I believe in the power of essential oils and their ability to help the human body heal itself, but surely there are other companies that I can get EO’s from that would allow me to pay shipping per pound, and have more of a variety.

Why not Young Living?

I have heard good things about Yound Living; I have some friends who use their products, and they offer a wide variety of oils–both singles and blends, but again, I don’t want a business, I don’t like flat shipping rates, and I don’t care about rewards points.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line for me was doing a price comparison. I decided to take the list of oils that come with doTERRA’s Family Physician Kit, and find the comparable oils that are offered by Young Living, and NAN. As you can see the numbers speak for themselves. (Pricing for DT and YL are wholesale prices and are current as of January 2015, NAN is regular pricing listed on their website, and I chose the most expensive single blends I could find.)

essential oils price comparison sheet

As you can see NAN wins the price comparison, hands down. And the cherry on top, for me, was discovering that if I were to order the above oils in a single order from NAN, I would get free shipping.

NAN, recently joined up with Rocky Mountain oils (who I don’t have any prior knowledge of), and together they offer a huge variety of single oils as well as blends. All of their oils are listed as therapeutic grade (see Wikipedia page under “Dangers”), and they let you know what is GRAS (safe for consumption) in the descriptions. They have reasonable shipping, and decent delivery time.

I share all of this information, because I would have liked to have known the difference in pricing before committing to an MLM company. As much as I liked being able to get a kit and not have to sit down and decide where to start on my EO journey, I can now see that if I had done just a little more research, I might have saved my family a little more money in the long run.

My husband and I are not paupers, I am a stay at home mom, and it is a blessing to be able to stay home, but it means that my husband and I have to be more intentional about what we spend, so we can provide for our three children and be equipped to do the things G-d has called us to do.

If you have any questions I will be happy to do my best to answer them! Have a blessed and beautiful day.

Shalom and blessings,