God’s Promises to Israel

The poem I am about to share is one from a little book of poems that my great, great grandmother wrote. Her parents immigrated from Ireland, and she was born in Quebec, Canada in 1848. In the 1870’s, she married my great, great grandfather John Gibson, and they had eleven children together.

She had a beautiful faith in the Lord as I have seen from the content of her poems in the book; this poem is one of my favorites, so that is why I want to share it with you today.

God’s Promises to Israel

by Rosanna Irwin Gibson (1848-1937)

~Deut. ch.7~

If in my statutes ye do walk,
And keep my just commands,
I will give rain to refresh
And beautify your land.

So the land shall yield her increase,
Your barns with plenty filled,
And your years be passed in safety,
And all fears of want be stilled.

The wild beast of the forest
Shall be held at my command,
And neither sword nor famine
Shall be found in all your land.

Ye shall pursue your enemies
And over come them all,
For the God of heaven is with thee
And shall cause them for to fall.

And ten of you shall put to flight
And chase one hundred men,
One thousand shall be conquered
By the same as one to ten.

And unto you I’ll have respect,
And cause to multiply,
My covenant with you I will keep,
And register on high.

My presence shall be with you,
For among you I will dwell,
And ye shall be my people,
And with you ’twill be well.

Those are great and precious promises,
That to Israel God did give,
And unto us they do apply
If for the Lord we live.

But then we read that God did say,
That those who did dispise,
Or break His just commandments,
Should be guilty in His eyes.

And that He them would punish,
By afflictions very sore,
If they their sins did not forsake,
He’d punish seven times more.

So we may from this lesson learn,
From God we must not stray,
If we expect Him for to keep,
And bless us day by day.