Heart Cry

So much heartache in this world
Makes me cry out to my Father.
“How long will You tarry?
How long will You let evil men rule and reign in the earth?
Murders of our young and unborn children,
Starvation of impoverished souls,
While churches build another sanctuary–
Bigger is not better–
While children starve,
While men and women die of AIDS and leave their children orphans.
How long until You return and restore justice in the earth?
Before Your people will see righteousness flow from Zion
To all the uttermost parts of the earth?
Before we will see no more death, or sorrow, or pain?
Come, O Rock of our Salvation, and reign over us
As You have promised.”
I will hope in the G-d of my Fathers,
I wait expectantly for His Yeshua.

©2015, Sarah S. Walters