I Am

I am the homeless man,
begging for money
to buy my next drink;
I am the mother
yelling at her child
in the grocery check-out line;
I am the father who’s given up
and left his family behind;
I am the man
who murdered your child;
I am the mental patient
who tried to kill herself
and failed;
I am the prostitute
out on my nightly prowl;
I am the girl walking out of the clinic
where I got an abortion;
I am the man with AIDS,
lying in the hospital bed
struggling to breathe;
I am the man dressed in drag
using the women’s restroom;
I am the woman kissing her wife
on the city hall steps.
I appear as all these and more,
hoping you’ll see me
behind the masks I wear,
hoping you’ll look past
what your eyes see
and love me.
I am.
I am.
I am
the Messiah in disguise.

~based on the passage from Matthew 25:31-46, pondering what Messiah would have said if He were here in the flesh today talking about the least of these.