In the Beginning: Covenant

Within the pages of the Bible, we can see many themes running through from the beginning to the end. One such theme is covenant. Throughout human history, God has chosen to make covenants and renew and build upon those covenants again and again. The ultimate goal? To be in relationship with all mankind–not just one person, or one group of people, but the whole world. Sadly, most of us have lost the true meaning of what covenant is, so we don’t connect with this theme as we could. The people of Yeshua’s day still had an understanding of ancient near eastern customs and were indeed still part of that cultural mindset.
So when the pinnacle of all the covenants comes with Yeshua’s death on the cross and His miraculous resurrection, the disciples and all the people of the known world who hear of what has happened in Israel are forever changed.

“For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son…” John 3:16

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