Inspiration through Torah in 5776: Bereishit

Man_Made_in_the_Image_of_God_cropWell, we’ll be rolling back the scroll tomorrow, and starting “In the Beginning” (Bereishit) again. I am really excited about this year’s Torah cycle. I am hoping you’ll join me each week as we read with intention the Words inspired by Hashem.

Every week we will read a portion from the first five books of the Bible. I have found Hebcal to be a very good resource for the Torah portions and the haftarah portions (readings from the prophets).

I recommend familiarizing yourself with Hebcal’s format.

This week’s parsha is Bereishit – Genesis 1:1-6:8.  You may decide to read the whole portion in one sitting or you might decide to do the FULL KRIYAH which breaks up the parsha so that you can pace yourself and concentrate on a smaller section each day.

So for instance, this week, the readings for the Torah portion will be as follows:

1(S): 1:1-2:3 (34 p’sukim [verses])

2(M): 2:4-19 (16 p’sukim)

3(T): 2:20-3:21 (27 p’sukim)

4(W): 3:22-4:18 (21 p’sukim)

5(R): 4:19-22 (4 p’sukim)

6(F): 4:23-5:24 (28 p’sukim)

7(Shabbat): 5:25-6:8 (16 p’sukim)

The reading for the haftarah, if you decide to read it in addition to the Torah portion, is Isaiah 42:5 – 43:10.

In addition to reading, I would also suggest picking up a few notebooks, so that you can write down your thoughts and other Bible verses that come to mind for the individual days, and/or weeks. I find that there is usually a theme that keeps popping up in a given week, and I like being able to look back over the past weeks to see each area of concentration Hashem has placed in front of me to examine over time.

I pray we will all begin to hear the Word speaking to us, for it is surely living and active and applicable to our everyday lives.

Here are some suggested resources for further study for each week as we walk through Bereishit (Genesis):

Reading materials:

Torah Portion Study Guides from Tony Robinson:

The Creation Gospel Torah Portions: Bereishit by Dr. Hollisa Alewine


The Parsha Experiment from the AlephBeta team (this is for this week’s portion, in particular):

Torah teachings (from the Torah cycle 5772) by L. Grant Luton

Blessings and Shalom!