Inspiration Through Torah in 5776: Lech-Lecha

The battle of the leaves is well underway, and because of circumstances, instead of being able to burn the excess like we have for the past couple of years, we’re going to be swimming in a ton of leaf compost come spring. ūüôā We are planning for a wonderful garden and small apple orchard, so the old adage applies! “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”

Abram_Called_To_Be_a_BlessingAnd now, onto this week’s parsha. This week we are introduced to Abram; the man destined by G-d to become the “Father of Many Nations”, or Abraham. His story begins in¬†Lech-Lecha –¬†¬†Genesis 12:1-17:27.

You may decide to read the whole portion in one sitting or you might decide to do the FULL KRIYAH which breaks up the parsha so that you can pace yourself and concentrate on a smaller section each day.

This week, the readings for the Torah portion for each day of the week will be as follows:

1: 12:1-13 (13¬†p’sukim)

2: 12:14-13:4 (11¬†p’sukim)

3: 13:5-18 (14¬†p’sukim)

4: 14:1-20 (20¬†p’sukim)

5: 14:21-15:6 (10¬†p’sukim)

6: 15:7-17:6 (37¬†p’sukim)

7: 17:7-27 (21¬†p’sukim)

The reading for the haftarah, if you decide to read it in addition to the Torah portion, is Isaiah 40:27 Р41:16.

Continue to journal this week, writing down your thoughts, themes, and Bible verses that come to mind for the individual days, and/or week.

Here are some suggested resources for further study for each week as we walk through Bereishit (Genesis):

Reading materials:

Torah Portion Study Guides from Tony Robinson:

The Creation Gospel Torah Portions: Bereishit by Dr. Hollisa Alewine


The¬†Parsha Experiment¬†from the AlephBeta team (this is for this week’s portion, in particular):

Torah teachings (from the Torah cycle 5772) by L. Grant Luton

Blessings and Shalom!