Inspiration Through Torah in 5776: Va’era

moses-and-frog-plagueThis week, in parasha Va’era – Exodus 6:2 – 9:35, we read about Moshe going back to Egypt and the occurrence of the first seven plagues.

You may decide to read the whole portion in one sitting or you might decide to do the FULL KRIYAH which breaks up the parsha so that you can pace yourself and concentrate on a smaller section each day.

This week, the readings for the Torah portion for each day of the week will be as follows:

1: 6:2-13 (12 p’sukim)

2: 6:14-28 (15 p’sukim)

3: 6:29-7:7 (9 p’sukim)

4: 7:8-8:6 (28 p’sukim)

5: 8:7-18 (12 p’sukim)

6: 8:19-9:16 (26 p’sukim)

7: 9:17-35 (19 p’sukim)

The reading for the haftarah, if you decide to read it in addition to the Torah portion, is Ezekiel 28:25 – 29:21.

Continue to journal this week, writing down your thoughts, themes, and Bible verses that come to mind for the individual days, and/or week. If you’d like to focus on personal character development with a larger community, see “Mussar” below the Torah study materials.

Torah Study Materials

Reading materials

Torah Portion Study Guides from Tony Robinson

The Creation Gospel Torah Portions: Shemot by Dr. Hollisa Alewine


The Parsha Experiment from the AlephBeta team on this week’s parsha.

Torah teachings (from the Torah cycle 5772) by L. Grant Luton

Mussar (Personal Character Development)

This week, we will be focusing on the middah (virtue) of nedivut which can be translated as generosity. Each of us have what the v’ahavta calls our me’odecha, which literally means our “very’s”. These “very’s” vary from person to person. It can be our time, our strength, or our giftings. We’re each going to have different things to give that only we can, and no one else.

Let us to examine these “very’s” that G-d has placed within us, so that we can give to our highest potential.
I highly recommend the below article to get a better grasp of generosity; be sure to also go through the questions at the end to help you self-evaluate.

Nedivut: Generosity

At the top of a 4×6 card write, Nedivut (Generosity). Underneath that, list each item for quick reference:

  • Remember to say these in the morning to get you day started: “The generous heart gives freely.”
    “There are many ways to give.”
  • Look for opportunities and do three generous acts every day.
  • Generosity is not limited to money; giving of your time, your possessions, your attention, your feelings, or your wisdom counts, too.

Put the card in a prominent place, so you might be able to refer to it often throughout the day.

For further study of this topic, you may want to check out the following:

With All Your Resources by Rabbi Russ Resnik


Blessings and Shalom,