Inspiration Through Torah in 5776: Vayigash

Joseph_Forgives_His_BrothersThis week we pick up the story of Joseph who is about to reveal himself to his brothers; you can read about it here: Vayigash – Genesis 44:18 – 47:27

You may decide to read the whole portion in one sitting or you might decide to do the FULL KRIYAH which breaks up the parsha so that you can pace yourself and concentrate on a smaller section each day.

This week, the readings for the Torah portion for each day of the week will be as follows:

1: 44:18-30 (13 p’sukim)

2: 44:31-45:7 (11 p’sukim)

3: 45:8-18 (11 p’sukim)

4: 45:19-27 (9 p’sukim)

5: 45:28-46:27 (28 p’sukim)

6: 46:28-47:10 (17 p’sukim)

7: 47:11-27 (17 p’sukim)

The reading for the haftarah, if you decide to read it in addition to the Torah portion, is Ezekiel 37:15 – 37:28.

Continue to journal this week, writing down your thoughts, themes, and Bible verses that come to mind for the individual days, and/or week. If you’d like to focus on personal character development with a larger community, see “Mussar” below the Torah study materials.

Torah Study Materials

Reading materials

Torah Portion Study Guides from Tony Robinson

The Creation Gospel Torah Portions: Bereishit by Dr. Hollisa Alewine


The Parsha Experiment from the AlephBeta team on this week’s parsha.

Torah teachings (from the Torah cycle 5772) by L. Grant Luton

Mussar (Personal Character Development)

This week, we will be focusing on the middah (virtue) of menuchat ha’nefesh which can be translated as calmness, tranquility, or equanimity. The following article should be read and contemplated this week:

Mussar: Tranquility

In addition, get a new 4×6 card out and write Menuchat ha’nefesh (Tranquility/Equanimity) at the top.

Then write the memory phrase: I have control over only so much, and I surrender to that.

Underneath that, list the suggested practices: 

  • When something challenging happens, quote the memory phrase before reacting.
  • View a challenge as a test and score high by staying calm.
  • React to an unpleasant situation by finding the positive in it and speaking it.

Put the card in a prominent place, so you might be able to refer to it often throughout the day.

Blessings and Shalom,