Inspiration Through Torah in 5776: Vayishlach

jacobIn this week’s Torah portion Vayishlach – Genesis 32:4 – 36:43 we read about Jacob’s return to the Land of Israel. He wrestles with an angel, receives the blessing of a new name, meets his brother Esau, and then settles his family near Shechem where his daughter, Dinah, is disgraced and trouble with the locals ensues.

You may decide to read the whole portion in one sitting or you might decide to do the FULL KRIYAH which breaks up the parsha so that you can pace yourself and concentrate on a smaller section each day.

This week, the readings for the Torah portion for each day of the week will be as follows:

1: 32:4-13 (10 p’sukim)

2: 32:14-30 (17 p’sukim)

3: 32:31-33:5 (8 p’sukim)

4: 33:6-20 (15 p’sukim)

5: 34:1-35:11 (42 p’sukim)

6: 35:12-36:19 (37 p’sukim)

7: 36:20-43 (24 p’sukim)

The reading for the haftarah, if you decide to read it in addition to the Torah portion, is Obadiah 1:1 – 1:21.

Continue to journal this week, writing down your thoughts, themes, and Bible verses that come to mind for the individual days, and/or week. If you’d like to focus on personal character development with a larger community, see “Mussar” below the Torah study materials.

Torah Study Materials

Reading materials

Torah Portion Study Guides from Tony Robinson

The Creation Gospel Torah Portions: Bereishit by Dr. Hollisa Alewine


The Parsha Experiment from the AlephBeta team (this is for this week’s portion, in particular), which you can view on the AlephBeta Website.

Torah teachings (from the Torah cycle 5772) by L. Grant Luton

Mussar (Personal Character Development)

This week, we will be focusing on the middah (virtue) of chesed which can be translated as loving-kindness. We did this virtue a few weeks ago, and now we will revisit it. So get your cards back out for quick reference. If you didn’t do a card last time, you can go back to Vayera and get the information at the bottom of the post. 

In addition, I am posting some videos for further thought on this concept this week.

Olam Chesed Yibaneh by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Olam chesed yibaneh
I will build this world from love
And you must build this world from love
And if we build this world from love
Then G-d will build this world from love

KINDNESS ‘Chesed’ (Jewish Food For Thought, by Hanan Harchol)

Blessings and Shalom,