A Laughing Lesson

You know you have a special relationship with Hashem, when something that should make you cry, makes you laugh hysterically.

This morning started out fairly normal, but we had plans to go to a friend’s house, so we had to get dressed and do some extra things we’re not usually accustomed to doing that early in the day.

We get out the door, and I notice Isaac doesn’t have a kippa on, so I search for about 10 minutes while trying to gather the last things I need to load. I finally find it tucked between a nightside stand and a bed. We’re going to be late–again. I’m not usually on time–hello, I’m a random, flitty mother of three–but being married to Ishi for 10 years, has made me a little more conscious of the time and other people.

As I am lecturing Isaac about being responsible and taking care of what he knows he needs to do before we go out anywhere, I call my friend, because I forgot to call her before we left. Then I look down and see that the car needs to be refilled with gas. And you know what happened next? I’m pretty sure you have a guess, but I’ll just tell you–Judah threw up. Perhaps, I should have known that he was ill when right after breakfast, he lay down on the dining room floor in child’s pose. But hindsight is always 20/20, so I call my friend back and let her know that we have a sick kiddo. The car now smells of vomit, so I roll down the windows while cruising at 55 miles an hour; the gas gauge is slowly creeping toward the “E”.  It’s another 2 miles before I finally reach a gas station. Thank You, Hashem.

Okay, no big deal, I’ll just fill up the tank and clean up Judah a little before we head back home–WHAT? Where’s my wallet? Where’s my wallet?

I begin to panic a little. Three dollar bills; that’s all I have in my purse, there’s not even any extra loose change, just three measly dollar bills. I get out of the car and walk in to pay for $3 of gas at pump 11. I walk back out the door, and at that moment, I must look like a crazy person, because I burst out laughing. I can’t believe what is happening. I immediately know this whole charade is from Hashem.

After, I got home I had time to reflect on what happened. I realized Hashem was trying to make me laugh, but He was also trying to teach me a lesson. This is not the first time Hashem has gone to great lengths to get my attention and get me to “lighten up”. Today was just another lesson in teaching me to laugh, even when everything is going wrong, because He loves me and wants me to not fear or be sad when the harder trials come; and believe me, they are coming.

The trials that we deal now will look like child’s play compared to the things that we will have to deal with in, what I believe to be, the very near future. It’s time to prepare to go through the tougher times, by learning to laugh now. And when I get to those tougher times, I will be able to look back and thank Hashem for getting me ready.

Later on, I realized that He wasn’t just trying to get me prepared emotionally, but also psychologically and physically. If I had been more prepared this morning, perhaps the only mishap to occur would have been Judah throwing up. If I had started planning last night, I would have known what I needed to take and I would have left a little earlier to fill up the gas tank.

I see the news; I don’t have to be a genius to know that this world is going crazy. It’s time to get ready; it’s time to prepare; it’s time to be prepared. I pray that if you need a little wake up call, He’ll be as gracious and loving to you as He was to me this morning. We are all works in progress. We all need help navigating through the waters of life. I am just so grateful for a Father in Heaven Who takes the time to teach me to accept a spanking with simcha–joy.

Blessings and Shalom,