Living with Intention in 5775: Week 29

We are now well into the last half of this year. It has been an amazing journey for me thus far, and I hope it has been for you! We’ve been practicing being intentional, and this is what we will still be practicing over the next 4 months, but this week, I think it would be good to start being intentional about seeing others’ intentions. If we observe others, we may find that they have a reason for doing the things they do.

To illustrate, I’d like to tell a story. My husband and I got some disturbing news before Shabbat, and my husband, who loves me and knows how emotional I can get, was trying to ensure we went into our rest day with no emotional unrest. Well, I totally misread his intentions. I thought he just didn’t care about the situation, however, he was merely trying to keep the peace in our home.

So I had to stop, and look at the whole situation from his perspective, a man’s perspective–the best this girl could, in order to see that he was trying to fix the problem, “stop the bleeding”, as it were, so that we could be focused on our own family and not on someone else’s turmoil–he wanted to maintain homeostasis within our home. Once I realized his intentions were pure, I went into the room were he was and apologized, and we were able to go into Shabbat with a big SHALOM!

This week, I would like us to begin to look for the intentions of others, within our families, specifically. Sometimes we jump to conclusions, like I did, and cause strife where there really was no cause. Let’s look for the intentions behind the actions of others, so that we can judge more fairly those closest to us.

Shalom and Shavua tov–blessings for a good week!