Living With Intention in 5775: Week 41

Last week, I began to get a scratchy throat, and I am full-blown sick. I am so lacking in energy and brain power, that I am having a hard time coming up with a challenge for this week. The only thing I can think of is wanting to finish a crocheted hat and to learn to play something on the guitar, so maybe we could all do with a little creativity this week. So find an adult coloring book, or photograph your dog, or sing, or write, or make a delicious meal and plate it in a extra special way. Creating something beautiful always makes me feel better, so join me this week in finding a creative outlet to accomplish a goal and stop putting off that fun activity you’ve been meaning to get to, but haven’t made time for! And when you’re done with your project, share it with someone.

Happy week and shalom and blessings,