Living With Intention in 5775: Week 45

Shalom, dear readers! First of all, I want to apologize for not getting this week’s challenge up before now. This week marks the anniversary of my husband and I making teshuva (repentance). It was a crazy weekend of resting (on Shabbat) and then preparing (Sunday) for the day trip that we took yesterday up to Cedar Point to celebrate the end of 5 years in Torah observance.

I had a challenge in mind, but hadn’t been able to post till now, and I also wanted to listen to the message I would post this week.

Four years ago, I found a message on Psalm 27 which is one of the Psalms read during the month of Elul leading up to the High Holies. Every year I keep coming back to it, to listen and glean something new. This year when I listened, I realized that I have been suffering from a kind of spiritual “battle fatigue”. In previous years leading up to the High holy days, I have felt like I was soaring. I really felt amazingly happy, and blissful. That hasn’t happened this year; I have felt like I am in a constant state of “war”, and realized yesterday, that I feel like I’m in a war, because I am. He’s been preparing me for this moment when I would see more clearly what my real surroundings are, and that I am fighting in a war. The kingdom of Heaven is filled with mighty men of war, and women of valor, and I want to be one.

I know I am not alone in feeling the fatigue of fighting. And what are we fighting? The yetzer hara (evil inclination) within and the principalities and powers of darkness without. Those who are feeling the fatigue of war, are just getting a glimpse of our current spiritual reality, a peak behind the curtain, if you will. So rejoice! Baruch Hashem! You have merited to see that you are fighting a battle, because Hashem desires and intends for you to win it!

This week’s challenge is to begin reading and studying Psalm 27, I would like for us all to have the intention of reading this everyday through to Yom Kippur.

To help kick start your study of this psalm, I recommend listening to Rivka Segal’s lecture on Psalm 27.

HighPriestIn addition, if you don’t do this already, I would ask you to add a prayer to your morning to include you visualizing yourself putting on the armor described in Ephesians 6.

Note: I believe, Paul also intended for us to see the imagery of a “priest of war” such as Pinchas, so in addition to Psalm 27, you might like to also read Exodus 28:4-42, Number 25:1-13, Numbers 31:1-7.

More food for thought (article):


Shalom and a good week,