Lying in Wait

The birds of prey circle one last time. They’ve feasted on my flesh and cleaned my bones. The sun will bleach what is left till the remnants are as white as snow.
I am a valley of dry bones.
Is all hope lost? Where is my Lord, my Rock, my Redeemer?
For two long days, my bones have lain in this deep valley–nothing. Can these bones live again?
The third day arrives like the dawn of a new day.
The Spoken Word–shaking, rattling these bones. They connect with sinews and are covered by muscles and flesh, still I lie here lifeless.
The Wind blows through me. A stirring awakens me; I can now hear the voice that’s been calling out my name. “Isha! Rise up! Awake from your slumber! Arise, my Love, my Beloved One! Put on your beautiful garments; join me for the Wedding.
“You are now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; no death will ever separate us again. My Bride, We are One.”
I look into the eyes of my Beloved, and I see Truth staring back at me.

© 2014, Sarah S. Walters