I emerged into the world, with a hunger.
I ate and ate and ate,
Gorging on whatever knowledge I could acquire,
Until I was so full I could eat no more.
I need a rest, I thought, I want some peace.
So I bundled myself up and hid away from the world.
But I was not content there for long either.
This is getting cramped, I thought.
I’m tired of being alone.
I need to do something, be something more;
I need to get out of here.
And then the sky ripped open,
And I found myself emerging as something
All together different, not at all what I had been before.
Sure, I still had all the knowledge,
But I now had wings to fly
And clarity of mind to be exactly who I was meant to be,
A new creation.
This is the journey we are all on.
Craving knowledge,
Hibernating, and reemerging again and again
From glory to glory, until time comes to an end.
We are not what we will be,
But we do know when Day overcomes the night,
We will be like Him,
Free from all that weighs us down,
And able to reach the highest heights.

scales of a butterfly wing

© Sarah S. Walters, 2017