Remember Me.

Remember how I brought you out of Egypt,
Out of slavery
And into the quiet places
To be your One and Only.
Remember Me,
How I spoke kindly to you
And vowed to take care of you,
To love and cherish you,
Even though you were little,
Though you were nothing to behold
In the sight of all the peoples of the earth.
But in My eyes you have always been
My precious treasure,
My love, My beautiful one.
You are Mine forever.
You must remember–
You will remember–
And never forget.

I remember You.

I remember how You took me out of Egypt,
Out of slavery
And brought me into the quiet places
To be my One and Only.
I remember Your words,
You vowed to love me, take care of me,
And I vowed that I would follow you
Wherever You might lead.
I remember how You looked at me
Like I was the most precious thing You possessed.
Who can find such love in all the earth?
No one.
For Your love is pure and holy,
Not of this world, but from the highest heaven.
I am Yours forever.
I will remember–
I will always remember–
And never forget.

~In honor of the Korban Pesach

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

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