Renovate My Heart

You did not come to me
When I was strong and confident;
You waited,
Until I was willing to confess
That I am weak and broken.
Who seeks out a Healer
When everything is going well?
But I’m not well,
And I never have been.
I’ve been faking my condition
When all along I’ve been dying.
You know all things.
You know what I hide inside.
I can’t hide who I am from You.
I can’t fake it anymore.
Heal me with your abounding forgiveness
For You’re the only One Who can.
Renovate my heart,
And carve Your words there,
So I may not just know about You,
But may finally know You
The way I am fully known.

~Jeremiah 31:31-34, Mark 2:17

© Sarah S. Walters, 2017