Sabbath Poem

Every Sabbath Evening
We enter a special time,
To pause from all our worries
And halt the daily grind.

Mama lights the candles,
Bringing forth the light.
She waves her hands,
Welcoming the Sabbath Queen
On this holy Friday night.

Papa lifts the cup
Filled with the fruit of the vine.
Joy and gladness
Pour into our hearts,
As we smell and taste the wine.

Papa raises the bread
That springs forth
From the ground.
He breaks it and blesses it,
And we pass it all around.

For six days we’ve labored,
And on the seventh, we rest,
As our Father did
So we do now,
Because our Father knows best.

As we welcome in this Sabbath Eve
And all who enter our home
We offer our warmest greetings
And we say, “Shabbat Shalom!”

©Sarah S. Walters, 2018.