• I think you sent me this video on YouTube, really good song btw.

    • Yes! I did! I love it, and have for sometime now. I wanted to share it with the world, because it has yet to be picked up by anyone. It is only on Lynn’s website. I only found it, because I looked there; I like a lot of her other songs.

  • The writer’s name is Lynn DeShazo. She only has this demo on her website: http://lynndeshazo.com/music.html I found a free mp3 of the demo somewhere (can’t remember where) and downloaded so I could learn how to play it on the guitar.

  • Doug Anthony Boninsegna

    is there a way to purchase this song?

    • Hi Doug,
      No, sadly, this is only a demo. It used to be available as a free download on Lynne’s website for free. But now it is only available for listening on Soundcloud.