Starting a Fire and Keeping it Going


Okay, I know most of you have probably started fires before, but Abba had me do it this morning, so I could have an object lesson. Here’s how to start a fire and keep it going:

Start small. Start with a goodly number of small dry sticks and use some kind of fast lighting material like newspaper. Don’t use too much paper, or it could not allow adequate air supply. Also, be careful to wait till the fire is really going before adding bigger logs.

Air is VERY important. When arranging your kindling make sure you arrange it so that air can get to the bottom of the sticks, so they can be fully engulfed in flame. When adding more fuel always look for a way to make sure you are still allowing for adequate air supply.

Wind is essential. If your fire starts to look like it is going to go out. Blow. Blow gently, directing it toward the wood you want to catch fire.

Be watchful and nurturing. Getting a fire started is an especially watchful process in the beginning. You need to make sure you have what you need so you don’t have to go looking, or it could potentially go out, and you’ll have to start the process again. I found that blowing on the fire once you have a bed of embers is the best way to get the flames licking the wood again.

And what does that teach me about my spiritual walk?

Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with big concepts. Start with foundational easy to understand concepts.

Air is very important. Allow for some gaps in your understanding. Realize that we’ll never have it all figured out, and we may even change our minds about certain things we believed in the beginning of our walk of faith.

Wind is essential. From time to time we may feel overwhelmed or like we just can’t keep going–we just too tired and weary. Allow the Holy Spirit to refresh and revive you. He can bring those cooling embers back to life and reignite the fire of your soul so that you can keep going.

Be watchful and Nurturing. Know that our Abba in Heaven sees us and is watching over us to tend to our needs so that we can continue to shine our lights and bring warmth to everyone who comes close to us.