That Time I Got Friended By a (Fake) Famous Person

imgresSo last week, I am going about my business, and I get this friend request from someone, someone famous. Well, the funny thing is, I have been watching videos, and listening to podcasts featuring this person for the last week or so. So, initially, I was delighted. I was like, “Wow! I wonder what made him friend request me?”

And it made me really happy to think that someone “famous” would want to be my “friend”.

Well, I had to go to the grocery store right after I accepted the friend request, and I was happy the entire time I was out. I said hello to people and flashed my smile, because I believed a person I respect had requested to be my friend.

As I was driving home, it dawned on me…I had been friended by a fake, someone who was impersonating the real person. Sure enough, when I got home, a private message from the individual gave the unhappy truth away. At first, I was a little deflated, and then a thought hit me like a thunder bolt.

“G-d loves me! He values me! Why do I need the recognition of a man (or woman) to feel special? He thinks I am special. He has made me. Why can’t I be happy that He recognizes my potential and loves me as I am?”

I want everyone to know that the King of the Universe, the greatest of the great, loves you. Yes, you dear reader. You are special. You are valued. Why care if someone famous notices you, when the Creator of Universe can’t take His eyes off of you?

Look at yourself from His perspective, and you’ll see you as you really are. Loved. Cherished. Special. His.

That is something to be truly happy about. And when you know just how valued you are, it has a way of spilling out on everyone you encounter.

Shalom and blessings,