The Creation Gospel

Okay, so I have been on a little bit of a “binge” this week. While I’ve been doing my work around the house, I’ve been listening to Dr. Hollisa Alewine. If you’ve never heard Doctor Hollisa speak, or have never heard of or studied The Creation Gospel, I highly recommend it. Her teaching style is simplistic for beginner Bible students, but also deep and vast for the seasoned scholar. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you’re going to learn something beautiful and profound about the Word and about our Creator.

I think my favorite aspect of the way she teaches the Scripture, is how she uses Scripture to interpret Scripture. She uses the rule of first mention, and shows how everything can be traced back to the Creation week. Things that seem mysterious and foreboding are suddenly not so daunting and esoteric. She focuses on the Light side of the Word, and encourages students of the Scriptures to do the same. I guarantee you will never read Scripture the same way again. You’ll begin to see the beautiful patterns and pictures that are repeated throughout Tanakh and the First Century writings.

Here’s a quick look at how she teaches:

If you liked what you heard, you can listen to her lessons online HERE beginning with Season 1 Episode 6.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Shabbat of fellowship and feeding on the Word and an overall relaxing weekend!

Shalom and blessings,