The Gift Wrap & The Jewel

This is a video of a truly beautiful woman, (who reminds me of my Granny), reciting a poem she wrote. There is a wisdom that only comes with age and experience. So many men and women have earned the right to speak by having walked the road we have yet to walk; if we would be wise, we would do well to listen and learn from them.

Be blessed!

The Gift Wrap & The Jewel
by Wanda Burch Goines, born 1923

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
But a little, old lady peering back at me.
With bags and sags and wrinkles
And wispy white hair.
And I asked my reflection,
“How did you get there?
You once were straight and vigorous,
And now you’re stooped and weak,
When I tried so hard to keep you
From becoming an antique.”
My reflection’s eyes twinkled
And she solemnly replied,
“You’re looking at the gift wrap
And not the jewel inside.
A living gem and precious
Of unimagined worth.
Unique and true
The real you
The only you on earth.
The years that spoiled your gift wrap
With other things more cruel
Should purify and strengthen
And polish up that jewel.
So focus your attention on the inside
Not the out.
On being kinder, wiser,
More content,
And more devout.
Then when your gift wrap’s stripped away,
Your jewel will be set free
To radiate G-d’s glory
Throughout eternity.