The Locked Room

The cry of a child–
Shrill screams
Behind the locked door.
I draw close to the portal;
My legs are the trunks of trees,
Heavy, cumbersome, immoveable.
Gripped by terror,
Fear squeezes my heart,
My blood runs cold.
I call out for help,
And a faint whisper emerges
At the top of my voice.
You come and tear down the door,
And leave me to myself.
An empty room
No frightful sights to behold.
My prayers arise in songs
To the only One I know
Who can unmask the truth.
You give me eyes to see;
The screams I heard
Come from my younger self,
The one who feels out of control,
Angry, impatient, alone–
I have been my own worst enemy,
And You have come to set me free.
You wait patiently for my surrender,
For my invitation,
“Come shed Light
In the dark places of my heart,
And redeem them for Your Glory.”
Let the Healing begin.

~inspired by a dream