The Wind and the Wheat

Scattering You gather,
And gathering You scatter
Again and again.
You cast Your seed on the wind,
Carrying us far and wide,
To the four corners of the field.
Buried in dry and parched ground,
Waiting to be watered,
While our husks rot away
In the dark soil.
As the third day dawns,
You call us upward.
We rise from our graves;
New life springing forth
With dewy leaves of green–
Toward light and sun,
Our hopes realized.
We grow big and tall,
Feet firmly planted,
Swaying in the same breeze
That scattered us.
Your rain sustains us,
The light of Your face
Causes us to thrive.
Our heads drop,
Bowing low to the ground,
With maturing fruit.
Some of our neighbors are not like us;
They stand up straight and proud.
They used to look like us,
But they’ve since betrayed
Who they really are.
There’s nothing in their heads
Except poison and death.
They will be cut first
And cast into the fire.
But we do not share their fate;
We will be safely bundled
All together
Into the Great Storehouse.
Gathering You scatter,
And scattering You will gather
Until all has been fulfilled.

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters

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