Winter Weather Immune Support

My family has been dealing with colds, whether of one or more strains I am not sure, for about a month now. I finally broke down and got some over the counter drugs, because I was so over it all. As I continued to experience cold symptoms well after the allotted time, I decided perhaps I needed to strengthen my immune system. The following medicines and supplements are what we are using in the house to boost everyone’s immune system, since just eating good food isn’t cutting it.


  1. SMB002Black Elderberry Syrup. I am sure any brand will do, however, our family decided to go with Sambucol. It was formulated in the early 90’s, clinical studies have been done on it, and it is effective in immune support as well as for cold and flu relief.
  2. shoppingVitamin D3. Vitamin D deficiency is pretty common in most Americans, but especially during the winter time. We found that we like Garden of Life’s Raw Code Raw D3 for myself and my husband and drops for the kids. Here’s a video that talks about D deficiency in a little more detail.
  3. gpp023-green-pasture-blue-ice-fermented-cod-liver-oil-arctic-mint_2Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Now, this is not necessary. You can find other healthy fats that you can eat instead. Grassfed butter is a good choice, or wild caught salmon, something with healthy fats. I will admit, I am the only one who is using this right now, it’s definitely not for everyone. I am currently using Green Pasture’s Blue Ice in Arctic Mint flavor (also helpful for healing cavities naturally).
  4. immune_strength_3Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend. This is a really great blend of essential oils with clove, cinnamon bark, thyme, orange, oregano, rosemary, and others to help give the body the building blocks it needs to boost the immune system. It can be applied topically to the feet with a carrier oil and/or diffused with a diffuser. We use Rocky Mountain Oil’s Immune Strength Blend, but their are other comparable blends out there such as On Guard from DoTerra, and Thieves from Young Living.
  5. DE2Diatomaceous earth (DE). This last one on my list as a “to try out”. I have read and heard great things about DE, and actually bought my first bag to try to rid my children’s heads of lice. I will have some left over, so the plan is to try it out in a smoothie or in a glass of water. I’ll have to come back on this post with an update after I’ve tried it. You can read more about it here and here.


If you have any supplements or home remedies you like to use during the winter months, please share them with me in the comments below!

Blessings and Shalom,