You Are Here

You are here
And I am standing here
With my hand up,
“Don’t come any closer.”
You look at me
With such simcha
And I look at You
With sadness,
Because I feel a distance
Between us.
You are so close to me,
But I feel so far away,
And unworthy of Your love.
You are here
And all I have to do
Is run.
Throwing caution to the wind,
Straight into Your arms,
And You’ll pick me up
And swing me around
In the air with delight.
In that moment,
I will know
And never doubt again
That I am your child
And You are my Father.
And nothing I have done
Or will ever do,
Can change Your love for me
Or my love for You.
And we will finally be
Face to face.
I know that moment
Is only a breath away.

Image courtesy of TCJ2020 at
Image courtesy of TCJ2020 at

© 2015, Sarah S. Walters